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Columbia Presbytery

Report of the Board of Christian Education

October 23, 2011


To:  Columbia Presbytery Meeting with Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church  


The Board of Christian Education met on Thursday, September 1, 2011.

Present:  Dwight Liles, Chairperson, Donna Buford, Secretary, Brenda Howell, John Hyden, Heidi Upshaw, Jennifer Gillespie, Tracy McGlocklin.               

Absent: Meredith Bybee.


I.    2012 Camp Dates and Directors:

            A.  Junior Camp - June 25 – 29 – Patrick Wilkerson

            B.  Junior High -    June 10 - 15 -   TBD

            C.  Senior High -    June 3 - 8 -   Donna Buford

            D.  CPYC –   July 2012 -  Bethel College

            E.   General Assembly -- June 17 – 22 – Florence, Alabama.      


A concern has been raised that the camp packets and all youth event information is not being forwarded and distributed to the church membership.  It is the Board’s desire that all information provided at Presbytery be communicated and made available to the membership. Therefore, we recommend 


Recommendation 1:   That each minister, session and congregation promote these camps for the children and youth of Columbia Presbytery and support the camping program by announcing the camps, distributing camp flyers and forms, providing leadership and assisting campers in ways of financial support.


II.     Columbia Youth Fellowship.

The Presbyterial Youth Fellowship has planned the following events and activities for the remainder of 2011, and 2012.

A.      November 6, 2011 - 5th Sunday Rally at Mt. Carmel C. P. Church @ 4:00 p.m.

B.       January 29, 2012 - 5th Sunday Rally @ McCains C. P. Church @ 4:00 p.m.

C.       April 29, 2012 - 5th Sunday Rally @ Chapel Hill C. P. Church @ 4.00 p.m.    

D.      Fall/Winter Retreat - TBD                             

E.       Summer Mission Trip - TBD

F.        July 2012 - CPYC NaCoMe.

                         Because of the opportunities for our youth, we recommend                        

Recommendation 2:   That each minister, session delegate, and session clerk of the congregations promote and support these events/service projects for the youth of Columbia Presbytery by announcing the events to their respective congregations, provide leadership, and assist the youth in ways of financial support, if needed.


III.    Services to Churches in Columbia Presbytery.

                        Board members are to maintain an ongoing relationship with their appointed churches in order to further fulfill our CE responsibilities.   As the Board of Christian Education for Columbia Presbytery, we serve as a resource agency for sessions and local Christian Education committees in their various concerns including: Sunday Church School, youth and children’s programs and activities, leadership training, church officer training, stewardship education, and all additional systematic study opportunities for children, youth, and adults.


Recommendation 3:   That each minister, session delegate, and session clerk of the congregations make their congregations aware and promote the services and opportunities that are made available to them, in regards to Christian Education.


IV.   Youth Advisory Delegates to General Assembly.

                        The following candidates were chosen as Youth Advisory Delegates at the Youth Rally held at Ash Hill Church July 31, 2011.    The following names have been submitted to the Nomination Committee: Tyler McPeak – Ash Hill, Will Gentry, Fayetteville. Alternates:  Allison Hatfield, Jenkins; Breana McGlocklin, McCains, Haley Hatfield, Jenkins.   Therefore, the Board makes the following recommendation.


Recommendation 4:   That Tyler McPeak, Ash Hill, and Will Gentry, Fayetteville, be approved as the Youth Advisor Delegates to represent Columbia Presbytery at the 2012 General Assembly to be held in Florence Alabama June 17-22, 2012, and that Allison Hatfield, Breana McGlocklin and Haley Hatfield be approved as the alternates.



Respectfully Submitted,

The Board of Christian Education.


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