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Current Officers:

Elder John Koelz Moderator
Rev. Mark King Vice Moderator
Rev. Roger Reid Stated Clerk

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 Rev. Scott Yates, 615-653-3000

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Moderator:  Elder John Koelz

Vice-Moderator: Rev. Mark King

Stated Clerk: Rev. Roger Reid

Engrossing Clerk: Elder George Ladd


The Boards and Committees of Columbia Presbytery

      Last Updated: Fall 2018 Presbytery, Oct 23rd , 2018


Board of Finance

Chair: Sue Campbell

    Rev. Todd Gaskill

    Mike Powers

    Greg Johnson

    Rickey Massey

    John Rainney

    Sharon Nafe

    Sherry Ladd


Board of Missions

Chair:   Buddy Pope

    Tim Smith

    Bill Stovall

    Tom Neel

    John Blair

    Pat Fife

    David Johnson

    Mike McCord

    Sally Sain



Board of Christian Education

Chair: Jimmy Miller

    Melissa Grant

    Byrd Broyles

    Brenda Howell

    Elaine Ashley

     John Koelz

    Joyce Jeffiers

    Roger Reid 

    Ellen Hudson 




Committee On the Ministry

Chair: Bill Rolman

    Kevin Myers

    Bob Mullenix

   Jonathan Bates

    Larry Guin

    Jason Mikel

    Scott Yates



Committee on Heritage/Judical Concerns

Chair:  Terry Peery

     Margaret Lunn

    Martha Woody

    Sherry Ladd

    Steve Nave


Committee on Theological and Social Concerns

    Chair: Tommy Clark

    Ronnie Lunn

    Linda Fife

    Troy Green


Committee on Pastoral Care and Oversight

    Chair: George Ladd

    Tony Gaskin

    Terry Kinnaman

    Whitney Seaton

    Marcen Jeffiers


Crystal Springs Board of Directors

     James Miller

    Dwight Liles

    Bill Stovall

    Bill Rolman

    Dwight Caudle

    Meredith Bybee

    Elaine Ashley


Disciplinary Commission

    Scott Yates

    Terry Peery

    Troy Green

    Bill Rolman

    Buddy Pope


Nominating Committee

    John Koelz, Moderator

     Mark King, Vice Moderator

    George Ladd, Engrossing Clerk, Chair

    Bill Rolman - Central Section

    Tom Neel - Eastern Section

    Larry Guin - Northern Section

    David Johnson - Western Section


NEW Church Development Task Force

    George Ladd, Chair

    Roger Reid

    Gloria Mullenix   

    Pat Fife

    Sally Sain

    Pat Fife


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