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Current Officers:

Rev. Jimmy Rochelle Moderator
Rev. Byrd Broyles Vice Moderator
Rev. Roger Reid Stated Clerk

The Engrossing Clerk of Columbia Presbytery is

Elder George Ladd

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Please use the hyperlink for each of the officers listed above.

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 Rev. Scott Yates, 615-653-3000

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First Church Columbia Photo Album


These are a few pictures of what we consider to be a

Truly Beautiful Church.


Our Steeple and Stained Glass Windows                                             The Windows from the Inside



Our Theater Style Pneumatic Pipe Organ, played                                    The Pews and Interior of our Church

Masterfully by Mrs. Eloise Cheatham. The SOUND

is Awesome!                                                                                                 


          More Pictures coming Soon, of our Fellowship Hall and Kitchen, Our Sunday School Wing, and our Family Life Center



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