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The Columbia Region met Sat., September 22, 2012 at the Howell CP church.  President  Shirley Johnson (Mt. Pleasant) welcomed everyone  by giving them a gift from her apron.  Shirley read a poem about aprons. Lisa Sisk (Howell) provided us with beautiful music for the day.  Pat Porter (Howell) was our song leader.  Carolyn Boggs (Howell) explained what the 2012 theme, “Meeting People Where They Are” meant.  Later in the meeting, she divided us into groups to discuss questions about the theme and bring back suggestions to the whole group.  Juliann Gillespie shared some highlights of the CPWM convention held at Florence, AL.  Next years convention will be held in Murfreesboro, TN.   We sang “Whosoever Will”.  Agnes Marie Barnes (Howell) told us that song is the theme song for our denomination. Lilie Galvan (Petersburg) had our constituting prayer.  Elaine Wilcox (Howell) gave the first credential report with 38 present.  Rev. Todd Gaskill (Howell) had holy communion with elders assisting.  We sung “I Love to Tell the Story”.

 A break was declared to appoint committees.  There was roll call with 39 present and 10 churches represented.  Juliann Gillespie recognized Rev. Brent and Robin Wills from Jerusalem and Mt. Tabor churches.  Robin is secretary-elect of the CPWM Convention.  Robin was then introduced as speaker.  She told about the Set Me Free campaign.  She talked about her trip to Cali, South America with the Grace Team.  She gave us information about the Crystal Springs retreat.  It will be a day retreat with Candise Farmer being the speaker and Bethel Renaissance Quartet as entertainment.  Shirley Johnson blessed our food.

After lunch everyone had a visit from Paula Dean (AKA Shirley Johnson) and entertained us with a game. Sharing of our apron stories was enjoyed by all. Andrea Gibson (Kelso) told us that our offering this year would go toward having a Children’s Fest in 2014 and to the PAS going global. It was received.  Special music was provided by Tori and Sophie Buck (sisters) playing the violin and piano.  It was enjoyed by all.  Terry Kirby (Fayetteville) did a meaningful skit portraying the “Woman at the Well”.

 Business was conducted.  Credential report was given with 39 present. Nominating committee (Becky Bartlett): The nominating committee nominated the following slate of officers for 2012-2013:  President-Shirley Johnson (Mt. Pleasant), President-elect-Terry Kirby (Fayetteville), Treasurer- Carol Hale (Chapel Hill), and Recording Secretary-Juliann Gillespie (Chapel Hill).  It was noted that Juliann Gillespie (Chapel Hill) has served more than 2 years.  It was recommended that the bylaws be changed to allow the secretary to serve longer.  The Correspondence Committee (Martha Barron (Columbia) and Stephanie Clifton (Ash Hill) is sending 18 thinking of you cards from 7 churches. The regional budget for 2013 was presented and adopted.  Resolution Committee (Angelia Burns (Green Hill), Alva Cavnar (Lewisburg) thanked Howell CP for their hospitality and Robin Wills for being our speaker.  It was recommended that $100 donation be given to the speaker.  The memorial service was conducted with Carol Hale (Chapel Hill) having our prayer.  Door prizes were given out by the Howell Church.  Juliann Gillespie (Chapel Hill) dismissed us with prayer.   We adjourned to meet at the Kelso CP church March 23, 2013 at 9 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Juliann Gillespie, recording secretary


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