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Rev. Jimmy Rochelle Moderator
Rev. Byrd Broyles Vice Moderator
Rev. Roger Reid Stated Clerk

The Engrossing Clerk of Columbia Presbytery is

Elder George Ladd

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The New Location for all Fall Meetings is First CP Church of Columbia TN

First Church was asked, and has offered itself for Boards and Committees meetings and Fall Presbytery. A deciding factor was the internet bandwidth available there.

In consultation with GA Stated Clerk Mike Sharpe, we have determined that there will be, if needed, Boards and Committee meetings, at First Church, on Sept. 3rd. This will be decided by each committee. If a meeting is unneeded, their Spring report will stand. Email is completely acceptable for committee and board work, per our Standing Rules. Also, Session Book review will resume next spring.

It was also decided that the Fall Meeting, on Oct. 25th at First Church, will be abbreviated, and the normal extras, such as worship service, meal, etc., would be skipped and resumed in the spring, God Willing!

The Fall Meeting will be an “In-Person” meeting, and the large sanctuary at First Church will allow for social distancing. This meeting will also allow us to test our Zoom Electronic Conferencing capabilities.

Per Mike Sharpe, audio teleconferencing votes are not counted as valid votes, but Zoom votes, with the image of the participants, is a valid presbyterial vote.


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