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Current Officers:

Rev. Chris Caldwell Moderator
Rev. Jimmy Peyton Vice Moderator
Elder George Ladd Stated Clerk

The Engrossing Clerk of Columbia Presbytery is

Rev. Roger Reid

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 Rev. Scott Yates, 615-653-3000

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Announcing a New Ministry: you may have been bent, but you're never Broken

Unbroken is a Ministry for the Disabled and Homebound - Just because you can't join your church family doesn't mean you can't Worship our Lord in a significant and meaningful way.


Some of you might want to read the sermon, others may want to hear it read, or might want to hear the preacher's voice as you read, or, perhaps you're visually impaired, This ministry is aimed right at you.

NOTE: To Download the sermon, Right CLICK on the file, and Save File as.... To read it on-screen, left click on it.

Sermon and Podcast -  2023


1. Be Healed - Written Sermon -

2. Faith of Our Fathers- Written Sermon -

3. What Time is it? Are the End Times at hand?   - 

4. Approaching the Throne


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